Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What no internet?!

A few days ago, I read about some young people who went on a self-imposed media fast for three months. The idea behind it was to have an escape from the never ending flow of advertising, images and well, media, that surely has an effect on how we perceive ourselves, and those around us. Wow, that sounds like a great idea, I thought to myself. But I couldn’t do it, because I need to be online to keep in contact with people while I’m living so far away from my family and friends. And while I could cut out commercial TV, would I really want to cut out dvds at times when Dave is out, the kids are in bed and I have laundry to fold? Could I handle sitting quietly, folding laundry, with no distractions? And actually, blah blah blah, more excuses and reasons why a media fast probably wouldn’t really work for me…

This morning I sat down at the computer to check my email, and was redirected to my internet service provider’s page with the heading “Suspension reason”. Whaaaaat? I called up my husband. Once again, Whaaaaat? Turns out the direct debit that pays for the internet came out of an account with no money in it, oh well, tomorrow we can pay the bill. “It’ll probably be good for you to have a day off the computer!” laughed Dave. No! No. Whaaat!

Okay, well, it’s not like I have any shortage of things to do. Washing, housework, building Duplo with Isabel…oh wait, I have to print something today, but we are out of print cartridge. Maybe I can just email it to Dave at work…wait, no. Dammit! Okay back to child rearing. Hey, let’s make some play dough. Now how do I make play dough again- I’ll just google it. GAH! Come on! No play dough.

Isabel just told me that you should never kiss baddies. And you never marry bad guys because then you kiss them. Haha, that’s funny. Maybe I’ll update my status. Or not.

Now, I remember I was meaning to respond to a friend’s email- no worries, I’ll just call them. Except, of course, the number at which to reach them is only to be found online. Let’s fold some laundry instead in front of a dvd- fun stuff! 127 hours, it’s so intense…I wonder how much of this is based on the real guy’s actual account of what happened and how much is creative liberties? I’m going to google it. Oh yeah. No I’m not.

Thank goodness this is only for one day. Please, let it be fixed tomorrow.

But a media fast would be really beneficial for some people.

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