Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My little girl

After a few rather serious posts, I thought it was time to share some joy. And, while being a parent is challenging and sometimes frustrating, through my children I have been able to experience the highest highs. So here's a few thoughts about Isabel.

My bright, beautiful, affectionate little girl is a natural nurturer. Aside from trying to breast feed her baby sister (at age 2) she loves babies and animals. She is often found carrying a bag full of her favourite animals or treasures.

Isabel's favourite pastimes are bouncing on the trampoline, being tickled, playing with her animals, playing dress ups and playing the face licking game she and Jack invented for long car rides. But more than anything else, she LOVES going to the beach. We call her our little “Ocean girl”. She is fearless as she catches the waves in from Daddy's back, with her small arms around his neck. It is impossible to keep from smiling when I hear her infectious little laugh.

Isabel's favourite foods include chocolate, biscuits, multiple cheese singles from Grandma's fridge, endless cups of milk or juice, and generally anything on the top shelf of the pantry that requires a chair. Also, add to the list anything anyone else is eating, even if she has the same thing on her plate. Poppy's breakfast tastes better than Isabel's breakfast.

Isabel's idol is, as far as I can tell, Rapunzel. She wears a "Rapunzel dress", carries around a frying pan and gives inanimate objects character names, like Pascal, and a fitball, named Maximus.

Isabel's playlist would feature: "The Only Exception" (Only ip-ception song) Paramore, "Supermassive black hole" Muse, "Too much" Sufjan Stevens, "Rockabye your bear" The Wiggles, "Friends" Band of Skulls. Seems pretty well-rounded to me.

When I ask her to do something that she doesn’t want to do she responds with, “But Heavenly Father doesn’t like me to do that.” God trumps Mummy. Nice try, Isabel!

When I stop to enjoy these moments with Isabel, and all of my children, my role as their mother seems much more meaningful.

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