Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Joy of Stickers

I went back the following week to find the stickers were missing!

Priceline selling Lynx (Axe) deodorant gift packs including soft porn calendar.

Sometimes stickers just look better on the glass window.

The front window display of a youth surf store, with sticker stuck on the glass.

Anti- City Beach flyer, on a noticeboard somewhere in North Sydney.

City Beach protest flyer stuck in City Beach fitting room (mwah ha ha ha!) Others have been left in store, stuffed down t-shirts, or taped up outside the shop and in centre toilets. And local movie theatre and various capital city train stations and carriages.

Ad from Cosmo mag in a cafe

Some excellent young women improved this calendar in a newsagency

The same awesome young people put this sticker on a shirt someone was actually wearing.

And possibly the best yet- these young women jumped out of the car at a traffic light to put this  on the car next to them before speeding off.

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