Friday, July 15, 2011

More media coverage on the 'porn t-shirts' campaign

I am pleased to report that the open letter to retailers has been receiving some media attention. Here's to interviews that take place with kids fighting in the background, and the much nicer ones when the kids are in daycare! Sighhhh.

I have had three radio interviews, one in Sydney, one in Adelaide and another in Melbourne, where Dr Michael Flood from the White Ribbon Foundation (both of them signatories) spoke also. He is brilliant. Listen here. Brianna did a wonderful job.

The Herald Sun wrote an article about the issue here, although it had a definite angle, and this angle was "Religious leaders are freaking out because they are so easily offended". Despite the fact that out of fifty nine signatories, only two were religious leaders. Perhaps a more appropriate angle would have been "Fancy well-educated experts agree that foisting sexual imagery on kids in a new medium is harmful, and just plain stupid". I'm just saying.

My local paper published an article this week. Thanks Brooke for the great article. I also found out the other day that small articles were published in another five newspapers around the country, anywhere from page two to page thirty.

Melinda Tankard Reist, one of the founders of Collective Shout (and a signatory, of course!) wrote specifically about Cotton On on her blog.

The facebook page is up to about 840 supporters. It is very refreshing to know that there are so many people who care.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello cyberspace! There has been some great progress with the Say No To Porn T-shirts campaign. Check out this article from page 3 of The West Australian.

Today, after much back and forth-ing on my part (I'm new at this, okay?) the completed joint signatory form was published, including a statement about this clothing and the impact on women, children and communities in general, signed by almost sixty of Australia's leading academics, psychologists, advocates and organizations.

I have been interviewed on radio today both in Melbourne and Adelaide, discussing this issue. From the comfort of my home and my comfy house clothes, that is.

Say No To Porn T-shirts page on facebook has 622 supporters at present, steadily growing. There are plenty of people who also feel strongly about this issue which is encouraging. So, ignoring the criticism and feeling optimistic.

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