Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello cyberspace! There has been some great progress with the Say No To Porn T-shirts campaign. Check out this article from page 3 of The West Australian.

Today, after much back and forth-ing on my part (I'm new at this, okay?) the completed joint signatory form was published, including a statement about this clothing and the impact on women, children and communities in general, signed by almost sixty of Australia's leading academics, psychologists, advocates and organizations.

I have been interviewed on radio today both in Melbourne and Adelaide, discussing this issue. From the comfort of my home and my comfy house clothes, that is.

Say No To Porn T-shirts page on facebook has 622 supporters at present, steadily growing. There are plenty of people who also feel strongly about this issue which is encouraging. So, ignoring the criticism and feeling optimistic.

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