Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taking two hours to get the "I just rolled out of bed" hairstyle

I stumbled across this youtube video a few nights ago after entering "Men at Work, Land down under" into the search engine. (??) Anyway my husband and I couldn't help but just keep watching and laughing at how absurd it all was. Basically, a woman starts off with hair that appears to have been blow-dried straight, and then proceeds the curl it with hot rollers which she leaves in for twenty minutes, go through section after section, teasing it up and spraying it with hairspray, and concludes by clipping on her fake hair...to achieve the "natural" look. At the end, she ties a dainty plait in her hair to make it look more "beachy".

The time, products and effort that go into achieving what supposedly appears to be effortlessly beautiful hair seem so laughable from this angle (the angle of watching someone else do it!), but I can't help but feel a little sad that so many of us women want to look like someone else.

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