Monday, February 21, 2011

Sufjan, the king

Hi there! I thought I'd take a little break from advocacy, which seems to be a theme on here. A few weeks back, I had a night that changed my life. Seriously. Dave and I went to see Sufjan Stevens live in concert. We were both fans, but had only recently really discovered him.

For those of who aren't familiar with his music, I would probably describe it as folk, and some of his newer material as electronica. It's really hard to label his music, as it is constantly evolving. He is an amazing songwriter and a true musician. I usually don't like songs the first time I hear them, but this guy is incredibly.

Check out Chicago, which is at least a few years old. And for something newer, here's a live version of Now that I'm older from The Age of Adz. (The lyrics start just before 1. 30)

There were times as I was in the audience I just felt like my head could just explode from all the beauty and brilliant music. Go check him out today!!! Best concert of my life.

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