Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nena and Pasadena....uncool.

Some of you may have come across the clothing brand “Nena and Pasadena”, stocked at City Beach, edge, Globalize and Live clothing stores. It is a major contributor to the pornographic t-shirt trend. To see what kind of images are on their t-shirts, check out the following link.


There are images of women from the back, naked from the waist down. There is one with a topless women, with her breast and nipple uncovered and exposed-with a scarf covering her entire head. Another has a topless woman covering her breast with her hand along with the slogan “Angel of silence”. And there are plenty more.

Having pornographic images on t-shirts is both confronting and offensive to women. They are made worse with sexist slogans and depictions designed to silence women, e.g. “angel of silence”, and the topless woman who has a scarf around her head so she cannot talk.

Nena and Pasadena have a billboard on Queen Street in Busselton, WA, featuring a two pictures- on the right, a woman wearing a dress, and on the left, and man wearing a white t-shirt with the words “Angel of the City” underneath and the image of a woman’s naked lower half from the bottom down. This is just another example of images of women reducing them to specific body parts, as she has no face, just a naked back side. (This picture is also the profile picture for Nena and Pasadena’s facebook page, found below.)

You can help by making a complaint to the Advertising Standards Bureau about this billboard. You can do that here.

To make a complaint to Nena and Pasadena, contact them here.


To make a complaint to the stores that stock this brand, you can contact them here.

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  1. Chill out, its a tshirt company, The models on those tshirts get paid for being on them. you must seriously have no life whatsoever to be crying about a tshirt. now get in the kitchen and make me a sammich

  2. Wow, that is a really solid argument. Nice work.


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