Sunday, December 19, 2010

How to maximise your gym experience!

Some people can find it quite intimidating walking into the gym for the first time, with all the buff guys grunting and throwing weights around, and lots of other fit looking people there who seemingly know what to do and how to use all the equipment. Today my advice is to anyone who would like a refresher on gym etiquette, or "How to not look stupid in front of other gym members".

- pee before using the treadmill. This is logical on several levels.

-rearrange your breast pads after vigorous exercise (breast-feeding mothers, that is), otherwise you may have a wet boob patch to deal with. NB If you do find yourself in this situation, consider dumping the contents of your water bottle on your top and exclaiming "OOPS" really loudly.

- bring music to distract you during cardio. Staring at the time on cardio machines makes me suddenly feel tired and ready to finish.

- hop on a cardio machine next to a friend. A little competition can be motivating for both of you, and push you to keep going a little longer than you otherwise would have.


-wear shorts while running unless you enjoy chafing.

- engage someone in an intense cardio workout in conversation. You may wave, or give them the nod, or say hi. At most you may say "Have a good day" as you leave.

-leave your towel in the kitchen between gym visits, where it will take on the aroma of sweet, baked goods and chicken. You will not appreciate this during a 6 AM workout.

-try to reach for a fitball positioned up high with dumbbells already in your hands. It is quite likely that you will knock the fitball, causing it to hit a fellow gym member in the face, and their frightening personal trainer will make eye contact. Eep!

-run so fast on the treadmill that you vomit into your towel, particularly when someone you know is on the treadmill behind you.

If you can follow these basic guidelines, people are less likely to point and laugh at you when you enter the gym.

Disclaimer: I cannot take responsibility for people who laugh at you anyway. Good luck!


  1. allow other people to work in with in share the equipment...

  2. Yes, thanks for the input Spartan Training! Everyone, please feel free to add to the do's and don'ts. Impart of your wisdom : )

  3. Okay that smile looks really dumb now


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