Thursday, June 17, 2010

Master Chef, anyone?

So I found out this morning that while I was sleeping this morning, and Dave was getting up to get ready for work, Jack and Isabel were making a cake.

They put in caster sugar, brown sugar, vanilla essence, and get this- there was no self raising flour so they used plain flour plus baking powder. (I think they were trying to make chocolate chip cookies but we didn't have chocolate chips.) My kids are so cool! When Dave came out he unlocked the fridge for them so they could use butter, eggs, etc. I found the cake in the oven later, and surprise, it actually looks like a cake! In a few minutes we are going to ice it, and then try it....and be back with the verdict.

Jack told me today that Daddy helped him with the eggs, and followed with, "Daddy knows how to cook now! I teached him!" and high fived me. So I'm not going to tell him that Daddy cooks better than Mummy. I like having his respect.

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