Monday, January 17, 2011

Leaving home....again

I am currently in the process of moving house, for the seventh time in my six years of marriage. In that time, we have accumulated a bunch of stuff and a bunch of little people with their own stuff. We have made friends, only to move away. I have finally grasped the basic layout of a particular town only to leave and start over in a new one!

So, we start over in Busselton, small town by the ocean, where my husband grew up, and has a new job. My first question in my head as we contemplated the move was, Does Busselton even have a gym?!? (The answer is yes, I think there are three.) The next question is yeah, but do they meet my fussy criteria? (Answer- probably not, maybe time to hire a treadmill.) The rest of my demands for living were less critical after living in Bunbury has prepared me to go without, at least between visits to Perth. Things like Gelare, Pure n Natural (for their frozen yoghurt soft serve)...yeah, I think they all involve ice cream.

I spent the first part of the moving process escaping to Perth with bub, while my husband stayed behind with the kids and started boxing things up and shifting some furniture. (Sucka!!) I have now arrived home to chaos, and I don't like it!! We are surrounded by boxes, and large spaces where furniture was, and random toys and clothes and items I don't think I want to do without until I discover them again in another few days. Every time I think of something I should do, I remember I can't until I find a crucial piece of equipment involved. So while the boys are off picking up a trailer, I am hiding behind the computer.

While I am contemplating starting over, I have a few 'resolutions' I want to put in place. These are not New Years resolutions, I recently decided that if I want to change something about myself, I'll change it. Regardless of the date or social events involving good food. (Tell me you don't know what I'm talking about!!)

1) I will try to be a more courteous driver. Not that I consider myself to be a discourteous driver, but I do live in WA, and our reputation is pretty bad. Also, when I see other arrogant drivers, I wonder if they are just arrogant in general, or if they just get that way behind the wheel? I do not want to be an arrogant person, therefore, I will not be an arrogant driver.

2) Work on my running. I was never, ever a runner, and was quietly in awe of them. People who claimed to love running were, frankly, complete nutbags. But somehow, I gradually built up, and I can run 5km without stopping. I want to stretch this out to longer.

3) I want to get some distance between myself and the internet. There are obviously many perks to having internet access whenever you like, but I think in this information age my brain is suffering from an information overload. There are just too many articles, too many opinions, too much going on and I am finding it pretty overwhelming, so I think it's time to cool it a bit.

Farewell Bunbury, I know I complained about your high volume of bogans, and the mullets and rattails I saw on children, but I met some great friends. I hope 45 minutes isn't too far away!

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  1. Good luck with the move!

    I am moving in about three weeks too, but from Scarborough to Winthrop, so not so far south. Busselton is lovely, when the jetty is finished being constructed Im making a dive trip down there so maybe we can catch up. :) God knows when they will complete it though...

    Nice work on the running - I used to be able to run for an hour when I was 21. I miss that. Maybe I should get on it too!


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