Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Britney's back! See the resemblance?

So as anyone who has seen my fb page knows, yesterday my 4 year old son cut off all of my daughter's long hair. This was during "nap time". I don't usually put them down for naps anymore, I gave up nearly a year ago, but we had had a really hectic morning out and about and they had been whingeing and crying and saying they were tired, so I did. While they were quiet, I thought, Oh, maybe they are asleep now (it WAS nap time, wasn't it??). However. Then I was greeted at my bedroom door with Isabel, or should I say the boy version of Isabel. I was completely gobsmacked. I'm pretty sure what I saw then looked a lot like those Britney shaving her head photos.

Of course this is not the first time Isabel has displayed "Britney-esque" traits- a few months back my brother and sister in law nicknamed her Britney after she kept forgetting to wear knickers. I think this is different though.

Today I took her to the hairdresser to get it 'fixed', or neatened up at least. I wasn't expecting much, I knew it would be very short. The hairdresser was also kind of abrupt with me and gave me dirty looks that I interpreted as possibly meaning "You irresponsible neglectful parent". In the past that would have really bothered me but now I am confident enough in my abilities to not care so much about what other people think.

Now I have a pretty girl who might very easily be confused for a boy. Lots of headbands, clips, skirts and pink I think! Although I will say she is pulling off the pixie crop look much better than I ever could.

Jack was very apologetic, he said "Mummy I promise I will never do that again." (Ya think??) He also asked me if I was still upset, and proceeded to sing me a song to make me feel better. Who could be mad at that? Despite the likelihood of being judged by strangers, the hats I will now be buying and the pile of hair I found in a drawer, I think my kids are awesome. Spirited. Even right now, I can't help but be amused as Jack tells Isabel, "You've got boy hair. Isabel, you've got boy hair."

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  1. Stoopid judgemental hairdresser. Why do ppl still expect mothers to be able to watch every move their children make every minute of the day?

    When I was young, I was 4, my sister 2, some friends came to play and we played hairdressers. My 2 year old sister was the hairdresser and we were all clients. We all got short do's, much the same as Isabel, and my sister even had a go at her own hair, completely removing the front middle section.

    The best part of the story is that our two little friends' Mum was a HAIRDRESSER! Imagine how she must have felt until her daughters beautiful long hair grew out again.

    My two daughters didn't have any real hair until they were past 2 years old, and despite pushing them around in a pink pram, dressed in pink satin dresses with pink hairbands, ppl still stopped me to adore my gorgeous baby boy- frequently. So good luck with that :)


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